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*FINAL SALE* The Correct Connect™ Aaron Vale rein with 3 Slim Hand Grips

*FINAL SALE* The Correct Connect™ Aaron Vale rein with 3 Slim Hand Grips

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This rein was created in collaboration with Aaron Vale, one of America's most successful and prolific Grand Prix Showjumping riders. 
Invented to offer more comfort and stability with a unique hand stitched reins stop, this rein is designed to be held between the middle and ring fingers.  The slim stop is a smaller, more streamlined grip with less padding.  The rein adjusts so the grips can be placed precisely where the horse and rider find their best connection.  It improves the straight line from the bit to the elbow and encourages more relaxed arms and softer hands.  
For dressage or jumping these reins provide riders of all skill levels a more comfortable and simpler way of keeping their rein length.  
Regular reins adjust from 52" to 58" in 2" increments.  Want to go shorter? Plenty of room to customize!
Pony Size Reins adjust from 42" to 48" inches.  Great for our smaller 4 legged friends!  
The Single grips reins have just one hand grip and are good for riders wanting only one stabilization point and they can slip the reins easily.
Buckle ends
Hand grips are 4 inches apart. 
Patent Pending
Looking for single SLIM hand grip? Check it out here!
Prefer a PADDED grip?


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