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Adrienne Schmitke, RMT, CEMT

Adrienne has been riding horses since 1999. Along with her parents, she runs a successful boarding operation turned sport horse breeding farm in Southeastern Ontario.

She competed in jumpers on the Ontario and Quebec 'A' Gold circuit and breaks and trains most of her homebred warmbloods. 

She has trained with Olympians in all 3 Olympic disciplines, and operates her farm under the philosophy of "horse before human".

Adrienne completed her Bachelor's degree at Queen's University in Health Studies and is completing her Master's degree in Equine Science at the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College at University of Edinburgh.

After a freak accident with one of her horses, shattering her foot, Adrienne realized the need for equestrian-specific manual therapy. She realized it was difficult to explain the physical stressors of the sport to those who did not even believe riding was a sport! This realization lead her to complete her Registered Massage Therapy training in Toronto, Ontario. 

Adrienne focuses her practice on getting to the 'why' of dysfunction and alleviating compensatory patterns that are often caused by previous injury. She uses fascial release techniques, soft tissue release therapy, and cupping therapy to decrease adhesions and increase one's range of motion.

When she is not working on patients, Adrienne is riding or competing her homebred horses, walking her two dogs, reading a good book, or enjoying sushi in good company.

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Education and Trainings:

Honours BA Health Studies - Queen’s University (2015)

Equine Massage Therapy Certification (2015) - Equissage

Registered Massage Therapy (2017) - Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy

Neurokinetic Therapy (2017) - Petaluma CA

Pregnancy Massage (2017) - Trimesters Training, Toronto ON

Cupping Therapy (2018) - Mississauga, ON

Cold Laser Certification (2019) - Bioflex Laser, Toronto ON

Physical Vascular Therapy (2019) - Lexington, KY

Athletic Taping (2019) - Peterborough ON

Natural Nutrition (2020) - CSNN

Vodder Lymphatic Drainage training (2023) - Dr. Vodder School International


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