FTC offers  different educational wellness clinics and seminars for equestrians.

The clinics are given by Adrienne Schmitke and are delivered in a professional, safe and fun matter. Adrienne draws on her extensive knowledge of horse and human anatomy, massage therapy, and the equestrian world to deliver clinics that both elevate the knowledge-base and confidence of the participants. 

Oftentimes, the clinics are a blend of lecture, demonstration, and participation in order to be engaging, informative, and allow all styles of learners the opportunity to grasp the information. Seminars also available.

Currently, our clinic offerings are:

*Equine Massage for Horse Owners
*Stretching for Equestrians
*Microvascular Therapy for Horse and Rider
*Equine Stretching for Horse Owners
and more!

Custom clinics are available. If you have a topic in mind that you would like Adrienne to teach, please request it by sending us an email.


Interested in attending a clinic?

Most of our clinics are private and only open to members of the barn in which they are held. Any clinics that are open to others will be added to our schedule. If you are interested in attending a clinic and do not see one available to you, please contact us using the form below or consider reaching out to your barn owner (or a barn owner in the area) and see if they would be open to hosting a clinic near you!

Interested in Hosting a Clinic?

We travel across Ontario frequently, delivering our educational clinics to caring horse owners and riders like yourself. If you would like us to come to your barn, please write to us using the form below to request a clinic.

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